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Day 2023

Another year, another change to the English Teachers' Day.

This year's event will – for the first time – take place at the Lycée Classique d'Echternach.

We're looking forward to seeing you there on Thursday, 19th October.



08:15 Registration

08:45 Welcome speech

08:50 Keynote speech – Nik Peachey (OUP)

09:45 Coffee break

10:00 Workshops

11:30 JBK Young Teacher Award ceremony

11:45 Lunch break

13:oo Keynote speech – Alex Warren (National Geographic Learning)

14:00 Coffee break

14:15 Workshops

15:45 Plenary (+prize draw) 

2022 Edition

Keynote 1

Nik Peachey (OUP) – AI in the Classroom: Challenges and Opportunities

During this presentation we will look at some of the ways different generative AI resources can impact on the way we teach, learn and develop as language teachers.

We will explore a number of issues around the use of AI in language learning and teaching and look at how it can be used in a positive way to help save teachers’ time and deliver more personalised and differentiated learning for students. They will  become aware of some of the challenges and issues that the use of AI raises in the language classroom and they will be able to develop their understanding of how to deal with these issues.

Keynote 2

Alex Warren (National Geographic Learning) – For What it’s Earth - Incorporating Sustainability Education into EAP Classrooms

Teaching English is no longer just teaching English. We must also prepare students with the skills, values and knowledge to contribute to a global society. With examples from National Geographic Learning titles, in this session we’ll explore how we can incorporate education for sustainable development into our language classes, and in doing so truly prepare our students for their futures. 


All Day Workshop

Theemen, déi brennen: Wéi ginn ech als Enseignant.e domat ëm?

(Steve Hoegener, ZPB)

Morning Workshops

AI tools and resources for the language classroom

(Nik Peachey, OUP)

Acting Exercises for Use in the classroom

(Tony Kingston, drama teacher)

‘Surprises and Mistakes Are Possible’: Teaching in the Age of AI

(Agnès Prüm,

Afternoon Workshops

Make Teens Read Again? Yes, We Can!

(Marina Fonseca)

Using Mentimeter in the classroom

(Jeff Seyler, LCE)

The Power of the Image

(Alex Warren, National Geographic)


What is ETD?

The English Teachers' Day (ETD)'s objectives are:

  • to share and exchange ideas, material(s) in view of an evolving teaching and learning environment

  • to engage teachers in their realities and discuss and clarify these realities

  • to adapt teaching methods to new emergent social and educational contexts

  • to establish a strong, effective professional learning community (PLC)

  • to prepare the future of English teaching and learning in Luxembourg

The organizing team: Marie-Jo Decker (LAML), Liz Heiter (LMRL), Chris Bebing (LAM), Chris Pesch (LCE)

Past events

Since its inaugural edition in 2010, the English Teachers' Day has been proud to attract some of the most respected voices in the field of ELT to come to Luxembourg.

Keynote speakers have included Charles Alderson (in 2012), Gary Anderson (in 2015), Catherine Butler (in 2014), David Crystal (in 2016), Edmund Dudley (in 2016), Jamie Keddie (in 2014), Philip Kerr (in 2015), Hania Kryszewa (in 2011), John Mikton (in 2018), Keith Morrow (in 2010), Amoz Paran (in 2012 and 2017), Michael Swan (in 2011), Shaun Wilden (in 2018) and Shelley Wong (in 2014).

On top of these there have been countless great workshops led by guests from abroad, as well as many talented local teachers.

ETD 2014 - web.png
English Teachers Day 2017 - poster.jpg
English Teachers Day 2010 - poster.jpg

Our partners

The English Teachers' Day could not take place without the cooperation and generous help of various partners.

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