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Due to the pandemic, this year's ETD will be a virtual event.

All the workshops will be offered twice, once from 13:00 – 14:30 and again from 15:00 –16:30.

Workshop 1

Language Teacher Wellbeing – Commit to Being Emotionally Fit!


Tammy Gregersen 

WOrkshop 2

Digital Pedagogy – The Reasoning behind the Digital Tools of Today 

Michelle van Toorn

Workshop 3

Language Assessment Literacy – Dealing with the demands of language testing and assessment in the classroom

Nathaniel Owen

Workshop 4

Preparing for Writing – Activities for your classroom for B2 First & C1 Advanced exam levels

Marleen Soto

Keynote speech

Teaching Key Competencies in the Teenage ELT Classroom

In this session, Dr Puchta will elaborate on how you can successfully teach English, while your students develop the key competencies specified by the Ministry of Education. These key competencies involve developing students' cultural awareness, helping them learn to learn and to become active and responsible members of society. You will see how combining these objectives with sharply focused language teaching can create more meaningful and memorable learning experiences for your students.

About us

What is the English Teachers' Day?

The English Teachers' Day (ETD)'s objectives are:

  • to share and exchange ideas, material(s) in view of an evolving teaching and learning environment

  • to engage teachers in their realities and discuss and clarify these realities

  • to adapt teaching methods to new emergent social and educational contexts

  • to establish a strong, effective professional learning community (PLC)

  • to prepare the future of English teaching and learning in Luxembourg

The ETD Organizing Team

Bebing Chris (LAM)

Decker Marie-Jo (LAML)
Heiter Liz (LMRL)
Pesch Chris (LCE)


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English Teachers Day 2010 - poster
English Teachers Day 2010 - poster

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Since its inaugural edition in 2010, the English Teachers' Day has been proud to attract some of the most respected voices in the field of ELT to come to Luxembourg.

Keynote speakers have included Charles Alderson (in 2012), Gary Anderson (in 2015), Catherine Butler (in 2014), David Crystal (in 2016), Edmund Dudley (in 2016), Jamie Keddie (in 2014), Philip Kerr (in 2015), Hania Kryszewa (in 2011), John Mikton (in 2018), Keith Morrow (in 2010), Amoz Paran (in 2012 and 2017), Michael Swan (in 2011), Shaun Wilden (in 2018) and Shelley Wong (in 2014).

On top of these there have been countless great workshops led by guests from abroad, as well as many talented local teachers.


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